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Since the Real Estate Market is Heating Up

in certain price ranges, it’s important to know the best place to look for home for sale.  The most current search engine and data base can be found at   Do yourself a favor and make the right decision.  Call me to find out how to find the home of your dreams and make a fantastic deal.  I can help you avoid the mistakes the normally cost home buyers thousands of $$$.

We use standard state approved purchase and sale agreements along with all the necessary addendum’s to protect our clients,  It’s important to have a financing addendum and an inspection addendum attached to the main purchase and sale agreement. Because you need to have a way out the contract in case something goes wrong with your loan or in case there are to many repairs needed.

Since we have over 20 years selling homes in the Vancouver WA and Portland area we know the market and can help you determine the most appropriate offer price. The worst thing you can do is insult the Seller and loose the home to another Buyer.

In order the help you get the home you want it’s important to have a skilled experienced negotiator on your side.  The best part is You don’t have to pay a dime and I can help you get the best price.

It really makes sense to have the largest down payment you can make.  There is nothing worst than being house poor.  You want to make sure you stay in a price range that will allow to still enjoy all the things you like to do.

For many Buyers a home that needs TLC is the way to go.  You can do a little work and save a fortune.





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