The Best Vancouver WA. Real Estate Agent

How to find the Best Vancouver WA.

Real Estate Agent.

20 years ago when I first became a Real Estate Agent in Vancouver WA.  I was determined to be the best agent in Vancouver.  Here is the problem.  Most agents are so desperate to make a sale they would do anything or say anything they thought the Seller wanted to hear. The problem with that is they would get the listing and it would sit on the market unsold.

Selling your home is easy.

On the other hand if the typical Vancouver Seller didn’t like the price the agent gave they would say something like  ”You just want to beat me up on price and get a quick sale.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It doesn’t matter if the market is going straight up or straight down the best priced homes in Vancouver WA or any place will sell first.

Mistakes Sellers make when selling your home.

In addition, Vancouver home owners who are not very serious about selling their home or are just testing the waters will insist on having lot of aggressive marketing.  They think mistakenly that more marketing will trick a Buyer into paying more than the home is worth.

My answer to that is, if you want to sell your home in Vancouver WA aggressive marketing means aggressive pricing.  Does that make sense?

How to get Top Dollar when Selling your home.

A price that is too low is an obvious loss.  A price that is too high is a less obvious loss because the longer a home sits on the market the lower the eventual price.

3 methods to pricing your home when selling your home.

There are 3 methods for pricing property.  The first is called appraised value.  This is the price appraisers give for lending purposes.  It’s an opinion of value as of the date given.  Nest is assessed value.  This is the value the city or county sets for taxation.  Lastly is market value.  The is the price that a ready willing and able Buyer is willing to pay and a Seller without duress is willing to accept once the home has been exposed to the market in an open and notorious manner for a reasonable amount time.

When it comes to marketing if you price your home correctly and let the world know about it the home will sell.

You don;t have to let your home in Vancouver WA sit on the market for months all you have to do is price it correctly to begin with.

Hers’s how to choose the best Vancouver Wa Real Estate Agent.

In Vancouver Wa selling a home is easy when you can find the best Real Estate Agent who will talk about price and not about how big their company is or how much marketing they will do.  You see it’s not just about pricing it’s also about truth and being willing to accept market reality as it applies to your home.

Some Sellers often tell me their home is different and when it comes down to the bottom line it’s about utility.  How much is your home worth  worth to the Buyer in comparison to other homes the Buyer can choose from.

If you need to sell your home in Vancouver WA simply find an agent that tells the truth.



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