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Many years ago, before I became a Real Estate Agent, I was faced with a situation that forced me to sell my house in Tennessee and move to California.   I asked the Real Estate Agent I bought the place from to help me in selling my house.  He was a nice man and he eagerly agreed.  We discussed price and I asked him if I could get out what I put in?  He said he was sure.  That was good enough for me and we set the price at $125,000.  I paid $100,000 and put thousands into it.  I really needed to sell fast because my payment was $1,835.  per month and I was starting a new business.  Who knows how long it would take to become profitable.

To make a long story short I paid $1,835 per month for 3 years and ended up selling for $75,000.  That was a huge loss.  I was so mad at that nice Real Estate Agent.  I vowed that when I became a Real Estate Agent I would just tell people the truth.

In real estate they used to say its location, location, location.  Now they say its price, price, price.  It doesn’t matter if the market is going straight up or straight down the best priced homes always sell first.  Does that make sense?

In conclusion, if you need to need help selling your house fast find a Real Estate Agent who will just tell you the truth about pricing.

If a Real Estate Agent

comes in and starts talking about marketing or how big their Real Estate Company is or boasting about how many homes he’s sold, RUN.  When they start dancing around the one thing you should be talking about, PRICE, you know you’ve got a salesman who wants to charge a huge commission.

Because of the internet and fax machines the process of selling a home is a lot easier and a heck of a lot more efficient.

Not every Vancouver Real Estate Company will tell you the truth.

Find an experienced Real Estate Agent who talks about the price up front and you’ve got a good one.  Don’t be fooled and think because of all the marketing a big company promises you can get more than a buyer is willing to pay.  That just doesn’t happen.

Be smart and save yourself thousands of dollars and a bunch of precious time and follow my advice and you will be glad you did.

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